Interesting reflections from a colleague in #ONL151 about Learning Environments


Listening to the overwhelming amounts of new information on this topic this week, I have got the impression that learning environments are the key to effective learning. However, is that really true and what does learning environment mean? I grew up believing in that a clear structure in education was necessary for acquiring knowledge, and constant feedback on the things learners do wrong would help them develop. Listening to the surprising presentation of Sugata Mitra, it seems that learning might also be a self-organizing phenomenon, which emerges when collaboration and encouragement meets with an online environment, providing access to knowledge. ( This idea is in agreement with other studies emphasizing that an effective learning environment fosters collaboration and provides encouragement to learners (Conole, G. 2015). The 7C framework learning design has been suggested to provide a handle on each phase of online course development with the aim of facilitating student engagement…

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