How passion can lead to Open Education!

malin christersson


I have participated in a number of MOOCs, all related to computer science. According to the talk MOOCs – from hype to opportunity by Alastair Creelman, I’m a typical MOOC student: I’m middle-aged; I’m not looking to get any credit for taking a course since I graduated a long time ago; although I’m interested in the subject of each MOOC my main interest is to study the MOOC itself; I have dropped out from every MOOC and I don’t think of this as a failure since finishing a course is not one of my objectives. My MOOC experiences have made me mildly interested in the MOOC phenomenon but not enthusiastic. The Online Networked Learning course on the other hand has made me enthusiastic by showing alternative formats for open online learning. I’m interested in giving an online-based course for mathematics teachers but I’m not interested in the letter M…

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