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Rikard Wicksell

How flexible are we? Really?

During the past week I have read and heard/seen talks about how to integrate digital tools for communication, to e.g. provide learners with different ways to approach the same material, to increase accessibility, and to ultimately improve the effectiveness of the learning process.

As a clinical researcher within the field of CBT and chronic pain, I have found the past month to be both inspiring, informative, interesting and intriguing. Today, when watching a video and reading some related papers, I found myself thinking about our own rigidity as therapists.

Seemingly a paradox, but also therapists claiming to be contextualists tend to stick with what they are used to. Even when the context is new they (well, we….) tend to do as we’ve (always) done. As for most other humans, past behavior seems to be the best predictor of future behavior.

Dr Creelman talked about the…

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