Facebook has been, as usual, under fire regarding its Intellectual Property Rights policy.
In Facebook “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” it is clearly stated that Facebook holds not only the economic rights to the content, but also the moral rights to a certain degree.

2. Sharing Your Content and Information

1. You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition:
For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License). This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.”

This monopolistic approach to Intellectual Property Right and the total ignorance of Facebook users concerning their IP rights and what does it mean this terms of service are worrisome and scary to me.

This brings us to the other side of the equation and the possibility to use Commons to be able to provide flexible types of licenses that FB users might be able to use to allow their content to be disseminated and reused.

the big question is, could FB users identify the different types and make informed choices? I don’t think so!

There is a lack of education towards our IP rights which are part of the Declaration of Human Rights. There is a lot of work to be done to address this fundamental and critical right for our IP moral and economic rights and the freedom to choose which types of licenses we wish to use according to the different types of works.