While going through the news, came across this article http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/teaching_now/2014/09/in_africa_ebola_crisis_taking_toll_on_teachers_students.html

about the impact of Ebola in West African schools, teachers and students. From the closing of schools, with the loss of income to teachers and other staff, to the traumatic stress caused by whole situation and the impact on the young children, who suddenly lose their routines, support systems (as many times in Africa, the only meal they will have will be in school) and face their loved sick or dying of Ebola. Fortunately, most of us have never had to be face to face with these kind of diseases…

While we are talking about openness, open educational resources, open education, the use of these openness could have a life saving impact in these battered educational systems. Sugata Mitra (Hole in the Wall in India), Esther Duflo, with JPAL, studies and experiments have shown that children can learn among themselves, even without teachers, as long as they have a caring support. Maybe, we can have an impact in these children´s and teachers lives, through small laptops (the Canaima project in Venezuela) with OER,  using whatever technology is available to communicate …probably mobiles…and this can be done!