I am currently participating in the course #FDOL141. Last week, we discussed and shared our digital me and digital identities. I have always been critical and thoughtful about my private identity and public persona online. I have been testing (trying to test)  most of  the latest tools (quite a difficult task!), most of the times to check, how and if I can integrate them in learning processes. While doing this, I have been reflecting on open/closed social media; professional/private spaces; peer/individualism; multi/selective. This are critical dichotomies as they are currently shaping the online connections and relationships, the way we work and interact with the others, how we keep control of our own identities and self….difficult task, for sure. Looking for open source social media, I came across an almost nonexistent field, a few projects, for instance barnraiser seemed a promising one, that got lost ( http://www.barnraiser.org/software), others were directed to links that were no longer there. Colleagues, can you please share with me/us any open source social media that you are aware of? I truly appreciate it.